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There are four off-street parking areas at Subud Marin. The first is an upper hill parking lot that sits beside the building. It is accessible by an uphill facing driveway which loops around and then down the other side in a U shape. It can fit about 14 cars for self-park or more if stacked and using Valet. The next is to the right front of the assembly hall - which fits about eight cars if stacked. There are an additional four parallel spaces to the right of the service driveway, which is to the left of the building. The rear parking, which fits about 25 cars stacked, is accessible beyond the service driveway. Lastly, there is plenty of off-street parking, but, because this is a residential neighborhood, we try not to use it as much as possible. People often arrange shuttles that pick guests up from Redhill Shopping Center or outsource a Valet service. There is additional parking just up the hill on San Francisco Blvd, at the base of the Sorich Ranch Trailhead. 

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