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Assembly Hall

The Assembly Hall is 2200 Sq Ft of Solid Oak Hardwood Floor Space perfect for dancing, yoga, and all sorts of events. The hall is surrounded by new screened windows that are easy to open and close to control air flow. The ceilings are about 13 feet high with a beam running longways down the middle with three support poles great for decorating. The ambiance is of a simple Victorian banquet room for community dances and social gatherings. In fact, the center was once owned by the Marin County Sherrif who was very fond of hosting festive parties here. There is a fully installed sound system with dongle and wifi to connect to any modern personal computer or device. The heating system is recently renovated and works great. Live music and amplified DJ music are both permitted with volume levels within reason considering the property is situated in a spacious residential neighborhood. The neighborhood has an ordinance in place to have things quiet by 10 PM, but we allow folks to shuffle out gradually and clean up between 10-12 AM as long as they keep things quiet. 

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