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SUBUD is an acronym that describes someone who aspires to be a good and noble person. Subud is also an organization of people who experience the latihan kejiwaan (spiritual training) ~ the natural process of following the inner guidance we have within us.

Subud is not a religion, teaching, nor a method or concept. The words "the latihan kejiwaan (spiritual training) of Subud" are words that describe an experience that works without our effort.

Subud does not cost money or contain a hierarchy. Everyone is equal and every experience is unique. The spiritual training comes from within each person, suited to their individuality. 

Subud is open to anyone (17 years or older) of any religion or no religion, who wishes to become a noble person guided by the highest source of good. Some call this God. Or Allah. Or Yahweh. Whatever word you like. 

Once you have experienced the latihan kejiwaan (spiritual training), you are Subud. 

Further questions are best addressed in person, as the experience can begin to be felt and understood simply by being in the company of others. 

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