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The Subud organization exists to support our practice, the Latihan Kejiwaan. 


There are also arms of Subud dedicated to social works, arts, youth, and various other good works. Subud is receiving, not religion or teaching, so it is complementary to all faiths.


There are no fees, and contributions to maintain the organization and local premises are voluntary. Subud groups exist in over 80 countries, and the World Subud Association is registered in Washington, D.C. as a nonprofit corporation.

What is Subud?


 The name "Subud" is actually an acronym from three Sanskrit words. Together they denote qualities of a true human being Subud members strive to live by.

SUSILA - Good Character          BUDHI - Awake Soul          DHARMA - Right action




The first Subud experience came in 1924, for Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo (or Pak Subuh), a 23-year old clerk who worked for the municipality of Semarang in Java, Indonesia. During his evening walk, a brilliant light fell on him and made his whole body tremble. Feeling it was likely a heart attack and his time had come, he hurried home and lay down, surrendering to God.

Instead of dying, Pak Subuh felt moved to rise and do his usual prayers, spontaneously from a pure source. Each night, for a thousand nights, he received similar movements and experiences, purifying and training his being. In time, others noticed changes in him and asked to be given what he had. Pak Subuh was directed that the awakening vibration could be passed from one human being to another by simply receiving near others who were quiet.

Soon travelers spread this latihan to other countries, and Pak Subuh was invited abroad. The Subud association was eventually formed to facilitate the latihan and to put its results to the test with good works. Muhammad Subuh, called Bapak by most Subud members, passed on in 1987. It is estimated that by then over half a million people around the world had shared in his gift. 



Latihan is short for Latihan Kejiwaan, Indonesian words for spiritual exercise or training. It is worship by complete surrender to the highest will - known as God, Allah, Atman, the I Am, etc. - allowing one's whole being to be moved, purified, and trained from within, free from human concepts or passions.

The Subud symbol represents the spheres of motivation - the material, vegetable, animal, human, and higher - that are relaxed and brought to life by the vibration of the latihan.

Subud members ideally meet twice a week for an hour to receive latihan together and eventually practice alone as well. Latihan is open to applicants seventeen and older who have had a short wait period and an opening latihan.

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